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Welcome to the Life and Times of John Logan!: )

Favorite Photos

John's houseWelcome home - to the JMan home page, that is. Come on in, stay awhile, and meet my family and friends.
As you probably have surmised, here's a picture of my house.

Some pictures with friends I thought you might enjoy

 Here's a picture of Don and Marc - John's best friends since grade school
 My buddy Jeff Sewell and I visiting the Napa wine country
 Playing basketball at the nearby park after the wedding
is our buddy Steve Hermer with Sandra - we're out on his boat in Mission Bay
 John with Lynn, at cousin's Scott's wedding
 This is me with Heidi, the woman I was engaged to before I met Sandra
 My friend Don, his wife Stacy, and Sandra in Oregon's Williamette Valley..wine tasting tour!

Some pictures of Family

 Here's Pumpkin, our vertically-challenged golden retriever puppy
 My daughter Annette - our first few days together.
 Sandra, Pumpkin & I - at a winery on the central coast.
 Sandra and Pumpkin - on the living room couch
niece Lisa sitting by the fireplace with son Jonathan
 John's niece Taylor (with Sandra), looking pretty as can be
 My Mom, her friend Pat, and husband Bob (right to left)
 My mom and her husband Bob again.
my nephews Logan and Brett in front of the home I grew up in Fullerton
 Logan and Brett again - in front of a blow-hole in Laguna Beach, where sister Laura almost bit it.
 My father Bob and his wife Patti - they got married about 1978..this picture must be 15 years old.
 My brother Brad and his ex-wife Cheryl..high school sweethearts, but forever at each other's throats!
 My father and his brother Dick, and sister Marlene, whom I always called "Aunt NeeNee."
 My sister Laura with her ex-husband Doug ..he passed away a few years back.
 Sister Laura and I..obviously at some wedding..maybe sister Kelly's..forget! : )
 The Logan kids...Brad, Kelly, Laura, and I in Christmas..1980 maybe? Brad is holding Matt.

Pictures of the house

 Looking downstairs - during a party
 Our living room during wedding reception
 The backyard - gazebo - during wedding. We crammed 100 people out there. Very tight!
 Guest Bedroom - this is where Sandra usually hangs
 Kitchen has Corian all over the place!
 Here's Sandra's niece Lisa in my bedroom..as viewed from where I sit at the computer.

Pictures of Carmel Valley, around where I live - April 27, 1 pm

 A wide angle shot of Carmel Valley, a protected lagoon about a mile from my home.
 This is John sticking his camera out the sunroof while driving down Hwy 101.
 I stopped at the Glider Port at Torrey Pines. They hang glide off this cliff here.
 Here's a view of La Jolla from the glider port. I used to work by the Scripps pier.

Pictures of friend Carol's Wedding..and pre-wedding...

 Here's Carol and I with Sandra and Susan - drinking Mai-Tais at Hanelei Hotel
 Here's we are at Belmont Park later that night...at the roller coaster...
 John and Carol at her wedding....
 Douglas and Carol Nunez with unidentified friend...
 This was her wedding cake..now THIS is Carol : D
 During the ceremony in the cow pasture...I am wearing western wear..shooting the video...

Here's some old pictures I dug up..a hodgepodge

 Me - Fifth grade class picture - such a dork!
 This is my grandma Janet and sister Kelly..probably taken around 1970
 Me in bizarre halloween costume - shirt says "Drugs 'R Us!" - early 80s
 After college, I teamed up with this guy in an ill fated venture called "Easy Street Productions."
 Ex-wife Jan...she was 9 years older.. I'm not her favorite...
 Here's a birthday celebration..I think #34 or so. I still have a bottle of port saved from this day.
 My brother Brad and I ..we must be 3 and 4 years old here..I'm 18 mos older.
 A couple of pictures of me at Lake Tahoe..Very pretty there - I need to make that trip again!
 Julie Piurek - my first love. She broke my heart, but she made me grow up.
 The last time I saw Pam Massey, in 1981..my high school sweetheart...and on our prom night.

Old Digital Image pictures - my not so successful printing venture...

 We bought a truck and painted it with our logo..here's my staff..circa 1990
 Receiving some kind of award for "excellence in printing" ...make me hurl! : )
 Day #1 of Digital Image, me standing with ex-Heidi and Jane, my #1 sales person.
 Here I am celebrating our first day in business with Robin, our designer, and Jane.
 Digital Image's first birthday! 1991...still happy to be in printing!
 My bookkeeper Wendy and I..at a Padre's game..in the parking lot.

Ancient history...

 Here I am on the Art Linkletter show..being one of those kids who said funny things...
 A couple of photos of me with wife #1, Jan, I am so young here, about 25
 John in about 1970 listening to music at home..always liked music : )
 My little league picture, I was in 5th grade...the Solons were losers, but it was fun!
 Another picture from my wedding in 1982..my family, and Jan & I in front of our getaway boat
 Homecoming with Linda Zielinski in our Sophomore year...look at my hair! )

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