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John's Top 10

John's All Time Top 10

Following is a list of my all time favorite music.

Whether the tune be Rock, Jazz, or Pop, these are the songs that have withstood the test of time. Tunes that you just can't help but sing along to - or if you're a guy - accompany on air guitar. They are songs that beg to played over and over again.

Let's see if you agree. Give each of 'em a listen, and vote for your favorite. If there's a song I've missed, let me know and I promise your suggestion will get my every consideration.

The songs are all stored in MP3 format - so if you don't have a MP3 player, feel free to download the Real Player Jukebox - it's great, and best of all - it's FREE!

You've heard of Napster - well here's something better! Gnutella will let you download all kinds of music, it's FREE, and it's a service the Recording Companies can't shut down! Download the program and give it a try!

One word of caution, however; these songs are stored in CD quality, and vary from 5 MB - 15 MB in size. On slow (modem) connections, this could mean over an hour per song to download.
My advice - get a cable modem!

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My All Time Favorite Top 10:
#1Neil Young - Like a Hurricane
A true timeless classic. The words are poetic, you can feel the emotion. The guitar chords fill your inner soul. But how can you choose this over Cortez The KIller? Or Harvest? Early Neil Young is just as fresh today as it was when it first appeared in the 70s.
#2Pat Metheney Group - Minuano
This song just sucks you in and takes you on a magical journey, through Pat Metheney's amazing melody. This song is more like a three act play - complete with Symbolism, Metaphors, and Hidden Layers of Meaning. A song you can listen to time and time again- making new discoveries with each listen. Also be sure to check out Last Train Home - close your eyes and you can see that train coming your way.
#3Neil Young - White Line
This song is off the often ignored Ragged Glory album - in my opinion on of his best, as 3 of my favorite songs are on this effort - including F*!#in' Up, and Love and Only Love. Great modern Neil Young at his best.
#4Van Morrison - Did Ye Get Healed
This tune is one of the last cuts off the Poetic Champions Composed CD, and it's one of Van's best creative efforts. His use of saxophone lays the groundwork for what is certainly a personal religious experience, yet it feels like he's speaking directly to you. I want to know - did you get the feeling?
#5Donald Fagen - New Frontier
Even though the cold war is over, this neo-realistic farce never tires the soul. I have been waiting some 17 years now for Donald Fagans follow up The Night Fly album, but it looks like this work was his swan song. Not a bad way to go, but somehow I feel cheated of the talent he held back. Also see Fagan's Deacon Blues - another personal favorite.
#6Romeo Void - Never Say Never
I was first exposed to this song in the movie Reckless, where Aidan Quinn forces the tune on a high school prom, dancing with a young Darryl Hannah. I don't think Romeo Void ever made another song worth listening to, but this work, with it's driving beat, makes even this 42 year old longing to become a head banger. Listen for yourself - you tell me.
#7Sheryl Crow - There Goes The Neighborhood
We may never know why Sunshine Sally and Peter Ustinov are in this ballad, but what a production! Raw energy abounds here, as it does in It Don't Hurt, a song about a woman getting on with her life after a relationship ends. I've also included All I Wanna Do, for it's unique perspective on life in LaLa land.
#8Lesley Wright - Anything For You
You may be wondering - just who is Lesley Wright? You may not have heard of her yet, but this up-and-coming artist is my personal pick for next year's Grammy winner as newcomer of the year. Her style is somewhere along the lines of Sheryl Crow or Jewel, but she is definitely her own person. I discovered her at mp3.com, and have been an evangical supporter ever since. Email her for her demo CD - a bargain at $8 including shipping!
#9Crosby, Stills & Nash - In My Dreams
The Supergroup that defined 70's pop recorded an album in the 80s simply named CSN. This is a David Crosby tune, and it showcases his talents in a way that has brought tears to many. The following song on this album, I Give You Give Blind, is a Steven Stills rock classic. A great juxtaposition.
#10Jackson Browne - For Everyman
While I knew Jackson Browne had to be on my list, picking my favorite composition was rather difficult. On the abum Late For The Sky, which I consider to be his finest album, there are three songs I could have just as easily chosen to be on this list - The Late Show, Fountain of Sorrow, and Late For The Sky.


Last Updated: August 2nd, 2000