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Sept 24 - Grand Canyon to Barstow
We awoke to the sun shining, birds chirping, and beautiful fresh country air as we began the day's journey. Breakfast was served at the charming Galaxy Diner - served by a perky nineteen year old waitress from Milwaukee named Aby. Then we headed straight up 180 towards the Grand Canyon - one of the 7 natural wonders of the world (can anyone name even one of the other six?). On the way we ran into a Flintstone's-themed amusement park, then headed back to the Grand Canyon. We decided early on that to do this right, we had to book a flight, and so Grand Canyon Airways (in business since 1927!) offered us passage. The view from the air was breathtaking, and we agreed we got our money's worth.

Next, we traveled another 5 miles to the south rim, took at least as many pictures as the other 300 tourists present, got back in the car and traveled in search of some afternoon nourishment. At the "Village" of Grand Canyon's South Rim sits the historic "El Tovar Inn," described by varoius publications as the place to enjoy a meal for weary travelers. As it turns out, a few too many other travelers read the same literature as we did, and we were informed by the hostess that they were no longer accepting lunch requests.

Undaunted, we headed down the road to Route 66. In Williams, AZ, we stopped by a Route 66 Memorabilia store and purchased some souveniers, and got the lowdown on what lied ahead.

We made a special detour to the Grand Canyon Caverns, and was treated to an hour of the most cheesy patter that we've ever experienced. Since the Caverns are privately owned, and suffer from a paucity of capital, the highlghts of the tour were the blacklight room and a mummified Bobcat - some 150 years old!

From there it was on to Kingman, and our next choice was to stay on Route 66 or detour through Hoover Dam to Las Vegas. We chose Las Vegas, and as it turned out, we chose poorly.

This weekend Las Vegas is hosting a NASCAR convention, and every - and I mean every room was booked for the night. The town was a madhouse, and the stream of autos continued to parade in. We surmised the situation, and decided to head for the border, to the large hotels of Jean and Primm, Nevada, only to find out that these hotels, too were booked solid.

On we trekked, to Baker (no luck), and finally, rolling in at 2:30 am, to Barstow. The fourth hotel we visited, an old Days Inn, had one room to let. We grabbed it, and I sit here at 3:30 am writing our days activities for the four or five of you interested enough to come visit my site. Am I ready for bed - you bet! Goodnight - more to come tomorrow!



Last Updated: September 23st, 1999