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Time for Texas!!

Sept 21 - Through Oklahoma to Amarillo
Today we traveled to Oklahoma CIty, stopping at Ashley's for an old-fashioned country breakfast, then a somber visit to the Federal Building, the site where Timothy McVeigh put an early end to 168 lives.

The old building is torn down now, and work crews were busy building a huge memorial in it's place. The fench surrounding it was full of mementos and messages in honor of those who perished, and the evidence of the intensity of the blast was overwhelming. The whole area is now in the process of rebuilding, and I will be adding more pictures next week once I get them processed.

We then got back on the road, stopping for some momentos at the Route 66 Museum, in Clinton OK. Then we headed towards Amarillo Texas, where we dined at the Big Texan Steakhouse, home of the 72 oz. FREE Steak Dinner. Only one hitch - you have to eat it all in one hour!

After dinner (no - we didn't attempt the Big Texan Challenge) we headed west and visited the Cadillac Ranch - an American art piece displayed in the middle of a field outside of Amarillo. We made our contribution (see photos below) and then came upon an unexpected treat - the Logan Roadhouse Restaurant.

Burned out from the road, we booked a room at the local Days Inn, enjoyed the pool and jacuzzi, then settled in for the night.



Last Updated: September 21st, 1999