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Travelin' Time!!

Sept 20 - Touring Graceland/Traveling
We began our day with a homage to the King, by touring his home, Graceland.

What was striking to us was that it seemed so ordinary, much smaller than you'd imagine, for a man who was so much larger than life.

There were all kinds of messages inscribed in the walls outside the home, and people from all over the world were there to tour the place. In fact, the sheer number of people who make a special trip to Memphis is nothing short of amazing. There were lines for everything, and all tours seemed to end with a visit to a gift shop.

The auto museum was facinating, as we identified Logan's Dune Buggy Upholstery outfitted on Elvis's Dune Buggy. The classic 3 diamond windows and signature two toned bucket seats were evident there.

We then ventured downtown, as Brad has to visit every Hard Rock on the way, to get mementos for his friends back home. We had lunch there and stuck a while listening to Blues in a park outside, then it was back to hitting the road getting back on Route 66, heading to Oklahoma City.

We stopped about 20 miles outside of town, in Shawnee, and stayed at a Ramada Inn, mainly because it was so late, we were tired, and we needed internet access to upload these pages.



Last Updated: September 21th, 1999